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New Real Lightning Conditions Testing

INDELEC is the sole Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod manufacturer conducting for more than two decades real lightning conditions test campaigns.

Such campaigns are conducted either using :

the “lightning rocket” technology (a rocket connected to the ground by a thin copper cable is launched to the clouds during a thunderstorm event, triggering lightning discharges)
or […]

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Visit & Find more on Indelec and Delta Box on Airport Show 2018 in Dubai

The 18th edition of Airport Show will continue to offer our airport development teams and colleagues around the region an invaluable opportunity to view the latest global technologies, meet aviation experts from around the world and share ideas, best practices and create new opportunities for our industry to collaborate.

Delta Box company, world leading aviation beacons […]

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INDELEC exhibits its full range of products, services and advanced solutions on ELECRAMA

INDELEC exhibits its full range of products, services and advanced solutions on ELECRAMA from March 10 to 14, 2018, on stand H1P28.

First the first time on ELECRAMA, INDELEC is also introducing the full range of Aviation Lights from Delta Box: from Low Intensity to High Intensity flashing lights, there is a large range of solutions […]

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ILPS 2018 to be organized in Shenzhen – China

Organized every two years, the International Lightning Protection Symposium (ILPS) is now considered as the major international conference on Lightning Protection Systems: discover the latest scientific founding on lightning physics, find out more on recent researches on modern lightning protection system, reliable grounding designs etc… the scope of IPS technical and scientific presentations is wide. ILPS […]

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INDELEC inaugurates its new Lightning Innovation & Research Center

Friday February 23, 2018, the French leading Lightning Protection System manufacturer, INDELEC, based in Douai – France for more than 60 years, inaugurated its new hi-tech research center LiRi (Lightning innovation & Research institute).

This unique center concentrates in a single building state-of-the-art lightning protection expertise. With more than 130,000 ESE lightning rods installed worldwide and three […]

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New Prevectron3 TC model video available on YouTube

You can follow INDELEC Group on video on our YouTube

A new video is now available illustrating the Prevectron3 Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rod TC model. Recently launched, the Prevectron3 TC model is incorporating new capabilities: thanks to its Solar Module and its dedicated remote control, users can check on site the conditions of all the […]

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Best wishes from Fair Planet by Indelec

Fair Planet association is happy to forward to you its best wishes for 2018

We will keep on collecting funds to offer new opporunities to our NGO partners that are fighting daily to improve access to education, water and helthcare services in developing countries.

All Fair Planet members are thanking our donors for generously supporting us for […]

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Follow us on Twitter

Indelec is already available on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and recently registered on Twitter as well.

With more than 313 million active members per month and more than 500 million tweet per day, available in 40 languages, Twitter is a major channel to share our company events and milestones.

Our social network strategy aims at providing regular and transparent information to […]

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Santa Klaus arrived in Brazil

Thanks to the generosity of Fillipi, Sales Manager from ABC Para-raios, and his friends, more than 800 unpriviledged children from Soracaba, in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, have received gifts for Christmas, from Santa Klaus himself !

Our association Fair Planet by Indelec is extremely proud to support this action, funding gifts.

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INDELEC R&D philosophy

The Lightning Rod Prevectron3 TC version is already a success!
Recently launched after years of research & development including multiple test sessions in laboratories and in real lightning conditions, the Prevectron3 TC version is already a success!

From France to South Korea, the clients are convinced by the reliability of the system: it associates the Prevectron3 Early […]

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