Prevectron 3 S40 – ESE Air Terminal

Reference : P1523

The PREVECTRON® 3 S40 Early Streamer Emission lightning conductor combines the latest technologies: OptiMax® technology, modularity, first ever UL certified ESE air terminal, eco-design...


Adaptor Female M20 / Female G34

Reference : C2433

Fixing PREVECTRON® on a G34 threaded pole.


JUPITER Lightning Rod

Reference : P1052B - P1053C

This particular lightning rod has been designed to provide good protection to weather vanes and collective aerials, or it can be used on its own with Indelec elevation poles.


Single Rod for Industrial Chimney

Reference : P1041C

This stainless steel lightning rod has been specially designed to protect industrial chimneys.


Single Rods

Reference : P1021B - P1022B - P1031C

INDELEC’s lightning rods consist of a tapened capturing tip mounted on a support (M20 threated base).